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Land Trains add tremendous Fun and Excitement to any event and are also a very practical way of moving people around. We are experienced Land Train hire operators who have worked for Local authorities and Private organisations throughout the UK. Our Land Trains are fully maintained (Land Trains are subject to an annual worthiness report for the Department of Transport), Risk assessed, Insured and have a 100% safety record.

Frequently asked questions about Land Train Hire & Sales

What is the minimum hire period for a Land Train?

You can hire our Land Trains for a day, a few days, weekly or for whatever period you need one.

Does a Land Train come with a Driver?

Yes, our Fully Inclusive Hire Package means that our Land Train is delivered to you with a qualified and experienced Driver, a Guard/Conductor to look after your passengers, Comprehensive Insurance and all Fuel and Oils. Land Trains can also be hired 'Self Drive’ for longer periods.

Can Land Trains be driven on the road?

Yes, our Land Trains are fully road legal. However, to operate on the road they do require a Vehicle Special Order from the Department of Transport and we arrange that.

How many passengers can a Land Train carry?

That will depend on the number of carriages. A typical two carriage Land Train can carry approximately 35/40 passengers, dependent upon age and size of the passengers.

Can you collect fares for us?

Yes, if you want to charge your passengers our Guard/Conductor will collect fares for you.

Where can a Land Train operate?

Land Trains are similar to most motor vehicles in that they can travel on roads and or hard surfaces but they can't operate 'off road' and they don't like big hills! A site survey may sometimes be required.

How fast do Land Trains travel?

By Department of Transport regulations Land Trains must only travel at 10mph on a Public Highway.

What happens when it rains?

The carriages are open which is great for sunny days, but don't worry our carriages have terrific 'wet weather' curtains, that are fitted quickly if it starts to rain.

Do you work Nationwide?

Yes, we deliver and operate all over the UK.

Can I advertise on the Land Train?

Yes, either you, or your sponsor/s of your Event, can add 'low tack' vinyl graphics to the Land Train, or 'display boards' can be affixed to each side of the carriage roof. Four boards in total can be added each approximately 3000 x 400mm.

How much Coal does the Land Train use and does it go Choo Choo?

Unfortunately it runs on petrol, but it does go Choo Choo and it has a Bell!

Land trains add so much Fun & Excitement!

For Hire, Consultancy & Sales enquiries contact Laurence on 07791 012434 or email

“We are working in partnership with a Local Authority re-generating and developing a Promenade and Seafront of a North Eastern Coastal Resort, a Land Train Operation is being considered as part of that Russell’s experience and understanding of a Land Train Operation has been extremely helpful in the planning and development process. I’m sure we will be returning for their further input” - Guy Holmes, Lead Designer, Kier North Tyneside Newcastle upon Tyne.

The UK’s specialist Land Train Operator Consultants for Hire & Sales

We operate all over the UK at Public & Private Events.

We are engaged by Local Authorities, Business improvement Districts, Event Organisers, Commercial Business’s and Private Individuals.

Operating on Private Land and Public Highways.

We offer a comprehensive advisory service. We can initially advise on the suitability and viability of a Land Train Operation and then advise comprehensively on its implementation. And if required be retained as consultants afterwards.

It’s important for prospective operators to:

Buy the correct Land Train for the proposed operation

Plan the best Route for aesthetics, passenger enjoyment and profitability
Risk assess properly

Insure the Land Train, its passengers and your employees correctly
Understand and put in place the required Vehicle Special Order (if operating on the public highway) and operate within the parameters of Land Train operational legislation

A successful and professional Land Train Operation requires professional advice and guidance - so contact Specialist Land Train Consultants for Hire & Sales Advice.

For Hire, Consultancy & Sales enquiries contact Laurence on 07791 012434 or email

“Having utilised the services of Land Train Hire Nationwide I can recommend them without hesitation. Professional and diligent at all times, a First Class Service” - John D. Barber
Secretary Folkestone Festivals

Buying or Selling a Land Train

We are the UK’s leading Land Train specialists and if you are thinking of buying a Land Train we can source the right Land Train for your specific needs.

And if you currently have a Land Train, that can be considered in Part Exchange.

Or if you have a Land Train that you would like to sell please call us.

For Hire, Consultancy & Sales enquiries contact Laurence on 07791 012434 or email


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